Ziock Building View

May 20, 2019:  Project approximately 50% complete!  (click for aerial photo)

September 8, 2018:  Hotel project 25% complete!  (click for RRStar PDF)

February 4, 2018:  Construction is happening!  (click for RRStar PDF)

December 22, 2017:  DONE DEAL!   Amerock/Ziock construction is underway.  (click for joint release from Gorman & Company and City of Rockford)  (click for RRStar PDF)

July 19, 2017:  Making progress.  Amerock/Ziock project underway.  (click for RockRiverTimes PDF)

April 11, 2017:  We’re launched!  City council approves ‘final’ redevelopment agreement.  Project to proceed soon.  (click for RRStar PDF)

June 29, 2015:  Gorman & Company Buys Ziock Building.  (click for RRStar PDF)

August 15, 2014:  Hotel work to start in 2015.  (click for RRStar PDF)

April 8, 2014:  Last night aldermen approved a redevelopment agreement with Gorman & Company and gave a HUGE boost to the city.   THANK YOU to a long list of friends and supporters.  Downtown Rockford is going to start looking a lot different in the next few years!  (click for RRStar PDF)

FOZ (Friends of Ziock), a citizen’s group, collaborating with the City of Rockford via a Memorandum of Agreement and a Marketing Agreement (click for PDF), seeking the highest and best market rate, preferably mixed use of this historic riverfront property located in the downtown.  Here is a brief overview about FOZ . . . (click for PDF).

For background and historic information of the Ziock Building, see www.ziock.org.

We invite redevelopment companies to contact FOZ regarding other opportunities.  A “catalog” of redevelopment opportunities is available now — see the tab at the top of this page “… Other RERZ Eligible Properties”.
Attention: Don Bissell, FOZ Organizer
Phone: 815.348.7759 (anytime)

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