… Other RERZ Eligible Properties

FOZ has compiled a “catalog” of properties believed to be in the Rockford River Edge Redevelopment Zone (RERZ).  In addition, each property shown may or may not have “historic” status either by having been designated individually or by being located within a historic district.    

RERZ Eligible Properties List (HTML Table)

Research sources include:

In addition, we conducted several “drive arounds” to take photos of each property.

As one might expect, significant inconsistencies can occur between what appear to be physical addresses, actual post office addresses, addresses as recorded by the referenced assessor and addresses as represented in WINGIS.  Thus, while we have taken care to be as accurate as possible, please consider the resulting work product a guide only.

Further, if a historic status is indicated it is believed to be correct but it is incumbent on the user to ascertain that status definitively.

We welcome suggestions and corrections; they will be incorporated as necessary.  If we’ve somehow associated an incorrect photo with a property, please let us know.  We will continue to augment and supplement with the goal of improving the quality and usability of the data.   Updates are posted here as they become available.

General information about RERZs may be found at:  http://www.ildceo.net/dceo/Bureaus/Business_Development/Tax+Assistance/riversedge.htm

Information about Illinois State and Federal Historic Credits is at http://www.illinoishistory.gov/PS/financial.htm or to the specific link for State Credit:  http://www.illinoishistory.gov/PS/IHPATCP.HTM

Downtown Map of Selected Properties

Try this map of  downtown Rockford (IL) with selected properties shown.